Works of Sri Aurobindo

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Facts and Opinions 17.7.1909/4


Facts and Opinions  24.7.1909/5

An Unequal Fight


The Indiscretions of Sir Edward

God and His Universe


The Demand for Co-operation

The Scientific Position


What Co-operation?

Force Universal or Individual


Sir Edward’s Menace

Faith and Deliberation


The Personal Result

Our "Inconsistencies"


A One-sided Proposal

Good out of Evil


The Only Remedy

Loss of Courage


The "Bengalee" and Ourselves

Intuitive Reason


God and Man




Exit Bibhishan


The Doctrine of Sacrifice

The Right of Association (Speech)


College Square Speech





Facts and Comments 4.9.1909/11


Facts and Opinions 11.9.1909/12

The Kaul Judgment


Impatient Idealists

The Implications in the Judgment


The Question of Fitness

The Social Boycott


Public Disorder and Unfitness

The Law and the Nationalist


The Hughly Conference

The Hughly Resolutions



Facts and Opinions 18.9.1909/13


Facts and Opinions 25.9.1909/14

The Two Programmes


The Convention President

The Reforms


Presidential Autocracy

The Limitations of the Act


Mr. Lalmohan Ghose

Shall We Accept the Partition?


The Past and the Future


Facts and Opinions 2.10.1909/15


Facts and Opinions 9.10.1909/16

The Rump Presidential Election


The Apostasy of the National Council

Nation-Stuff in Morocco


The Progress of China

Cook versus Peary


Partition Day


Nationalist Organisation


Nationalist Work in England

An Extraordinary Prohibition



Facts and Opinions 16.10.1909/17

Gokhale’s Apologia

The People’s Proclamation

The Anusilan Samiti

The National Fund


Union Day


Facts and Opinions 6.11.1909/18

Mahomedan Representation

The Growth of Turkey

China Enters

The Patiala Arrests

The Daulatpur Dacoity

Place and Patriotism

The Dying Race

The Death of Senor Ferrer

The Budget

A Great Opportunity

Buddha’s Ashes

Students and Politics


The Assassination of Prince Ito

The Hindu Sabha


Facts and Opinions 13.11.1909/19


Facts and Opinions 20.11.1909/20



A Hint of Change

Social Reform and Politics


Pretentious Shams

The Deoghar Sadhu


THE Municipalities and Reform



Police Unrest in the Punjab  

The Great Election







Facts and Opinions 27.11.1909/21


Facts and Opinions 4.12.1909/22

The Bomb Case and Anglo-India


The Lieutenant-Governor’s Mercy

The Nadiya President’s Speech


An Ominous Presage

Mr. Macdonald’s Visit


Chowringhee Humour



The Last Resort

The Alipur Judgment




Facts and Opinions 11.12.1909/23


Facts and Opinions 18.12.1909/24

The United Congress


Sir Pherozshah’s Resignation

The Spirit of the Negotiations


The Council Elections

A Salutary Rejection


British Unfitness for Liberty

The English Revolution


The Lahore Convention

Aristocratic Quibbling





The Moderate Manifesto

The Transvaal Indians




Facts and Opinions 25.12.1909/25


Facts and Opinions 1.1.1910/26

The United Congress Negotiations


The Perishing Convention

A New Sophism


The Convention President’s Address

Futile Espionage


The Alleged Breach of Faith

Convention Voyagers


The Nasik Murder



Transvaal and Bengal

Creed and Constitution



To My Countrymen


National Education


Facts and Opinions 8.1.1910/27


Facts and Opinions 15.1.1910/28

Sir Edward Baker’s Admissions


The Patiala Case

Calcutta and Mofussil


The Arya Samaj and Politics

The Non-Official Majority


The Arya Disclaimer

Sir Louis Dane on Terrorism


What is Sedition?

The Menace of Deportation





A Thing that Happened

A Practicable Boycott




Facts and Opinions 22.1.1910/29


Facts and Opinions 29.1.1910/30

Lajpatrai’s Letters


The High Court Assassination

A Nervous Samaj


Anglo-Indian Prescriptions

The Banerji Vigilance Committees



Postal Precautions


The Elections

Detective Wiles





The Viceroy’s Speech

The  New Policy




Facts and Opinions 5.2.1910/31


Passing Thoughts 12.2.1910/32

The Party of Revolution


Vedantic Art

Its Growth


Asceticism and Enjoyment

Its Extent


Aliens in Ancient India



The Scholarship of Mr. Risley




The Necessity of the Situation


The Gita and Terrorism

The Elections