Works of Sri Aurobindo

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Part One 

Translations from Sanskrit


Section ONE

The Ramayana : Pieces from the Ramayana

1. Speech of Dussaruth

2. An Aryan City

3. A Mother’s Lament

4. The Wife

An Aryan City: Prose Version

The Book of the Wild Forest

The Defeat of Dhoomraksha


Section Two

The Mahabharata   Sabha Parva or Book of the Assembly-Hall :

Canto I: The Building of the Hall

Canto II: The Debated Sacrifice

Canto III: The Slaying of Jerasundh

Virata Parva: Fragments from Adhyaya 17

Udyoga Parva: Two Renderings of the First Adhaya

Udyoga Parva: Passages from Adhyayas 75 and 72


The Bhagavad Gita: The First Six Chapters


Appendix I: Opening of Chapter VII

Appendix II: A Later Translation of the Opening of the Gita



  Section Three


Vikramorvasie or The Hero and the Nymph



In the Gardens of Vidisha or Malavica and the King:



The Birth of the War-God

Stanzaic Rendering of the Opening of Canto I

Blank Verse Rendering of Canto I

Expanded Version of Canto I and Part of Canto II


Notes and Fragments

Skeleton Notes on the Kumarasambhavam: Canto V

The Line of Raghou: Two Renderings of the Opening

The Cloud Messenger: Fragments from a Lost Translation


Section Four


The Century of Life

Appendix: Prefatory Note on Bhartrihari


Section Five

Other Translations from Sanskrit

Opening of the Kiratarjuniya

Bhagawat: Skandha I, Adhyaya I

Bhavani (Shankaracharya)



Part Two

Translations from Bengali


Section One

Vaishnava Devotional Poetry

Radha’s Complaint in Absence (Chundidas)

Radha’s Appeal (Chundidas)

Karma: Radha’s Complaint (Chundidas)

Appeal (Bidyapati)

Twenty-two Poems of Bidyapati

Selected Poems of Bidyapati

Selected Poems of Nidhou

Selected Poems of Horo Thacoor

Selected Poems of Ganodas



Section Two

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Hymn to the Mother: Bande Mataram

Anandamath: The First Thirteen Chapters


Appendix: A Later Version of Chapters I and II



Section Three

Chittaranjan Das

Songs of the Sea



Section Four

Disciples and Others

Hymn to India (Dwijendralal Roy)

Mother India (Dwijendralal Roy)

The Pilot (Atulprasad Sen)

Mahalakshmi (Anilbaran Roy)

The New Creator (Aruna)

Lakshmi (Dilip Kumar Roy)

Aspiration: The New Dawn (Dilip Kumar Roy)

Farewell Flute (Dilip Kumar Roy)

Uma (Dilip Kumar Roy)

Faithful (Dilip Kumar Roy)

Since thou hast called me (Sahana)

A Beauty infinite (Jyotirmayi)

At the day-end (Nirodbaran)

The King of kings (Nishikanto)



Part Three

Translations from Tamil



Andal: The Vaishnava Poetess

To the Cuckoo

I Dreamed a Dream

Ye Others




Nammalwar: The Supreme Vaishnava Saint and Poet

Nammalwar’s Hymn of the Golden Age




Kulasekhara Alwar





Opening of the Kural



Part Four

Translations from Greek


Two Epigrams

Opening of the Iliad

Opening of the Odyssey

Hexameters from Homer



Part Five

Translations from Latin


Hexameters from Virgil and Horace

Catullus to Lesbia