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Sri Aurobindo

On Himself




  Part One
  Sri Aurobindo On Himself
  Section One
  Life Before Pondicherry
      I. Early Life In England
      II. Life In Baroda
      III. The Leader Of Indian Nationalism
      IV. Corrections Of Wrong Statements In The Press
  Section Two
      Beginnings Of Yoga
  Section Three
      His Path And Other Paths
  Section Four
      Sadhana For The Earth-Consciousness
  Section Five
      The Master And The Guide
  Section Six
      The Poet And The Critic
  Section Seven
      Reminiscences And Observations
  Section Eight
  Section Nine
      Some Early Letters
  Part Two
  Sri Aurobindo On Himself And On The Mother
  Section One
      Leaders Of Evolution
  Section Two
      Identity Of Their Consciousness
  Section Three
      Difficulties Of The Path-Finders
  Section Four
      Helpers On The Way